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  1. Where is the game?

  2. There isn’t any game

  3. and.. Where is the beta Code?

  4. What is the reedem code ?

  5. 1) Download GOG Galaxy
    2) Redeem the Beta Code
    3) Go to the game page
    4) Click the Banner claiming “Get a Card pack and Witcher for free”
    5) Confirm Subscription of newsletter
    6) (If needed) Refresh and now it should say
    9.99$ FREE

    1. what beta code where do I find the beta code?

      1. Okay I think I understand you need to request a gwent closed beta key and The key will also give you the witcher right?

        1. That is correct right?

          1. If you have gwent in your library, you”ll see the box on the right said “take free gwent card” take it, and they “ll give you The Witcher

  6. How can we find the beta code?

  7. it doesn’t work 🙁

  8. how do I get witcher for free?

  9. you need to click on “take free keg of gwent” or something like that on GoG(if you have Gwent closed beta) take it and they”ll give you TW for free

    1. I request gwent closed beta how long did it take you to get gwent closed beta

      1. I don’t remember, a month, I think?

  10. I don’t think you can still get it 🙁

    1. I just got a key sent to me 2 days ago you can still get it.